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Nature’s Creative Rhythm

The seasons, the tides, our very own heartbeats, are but a few examples of nature’s curious, almost artful way of providing cadence to life. We rely on these regular patterns to survive, to evolve, to create and to experience all that surrounds us.

Every year, mother nature’s pulse bears fruit in the most colorful, creative, and satisfying ways.

We embrace this rhythm by annually harvesting her fruit and crafting our own natural and artistic products. We call them “Rhythm Ciders.”

Welcome to Rhythm Cider.

Handcrafted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Seven Birches Wine &
Rhythm Cider Tasting

Monday – Thursday:  1pm – 6pm
Friday:  1pm – 7pm
Saturday:  12pm -7pm
Sunday:  11am – 6pm

During the Seven Birches Winery expansion construction, the Rhythm Studio will offer wine tasting as is customarily done at the RiverWalk Resort Tasting room.

More About the Temporary Closure at RiverWalk Resort