Made in New Hampshire

Rhythm Ciders are all crafted from natural fruits at Seven Birches Winery, right here in the White Mountains of NH. Having started the company at Windy Ridge Orchard, it is only natural to expand into hard cider.

All Natural

Cider is not new. In fact, it is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages on the planet. We intend to create a premium product through a process called cryoconcentration and cofermentation. This simply means that the apple juice will be first frozen to separate out some of its water in order to concentrate the apple flavors (and sugars), then ferment that juice with other natural whole fruits to craft something truly unique. The resulting ciders will be all-natural, refreshing, and limitless in their creativity.

We Believe
  • Creativity and the arts is the central focus for the brand and will be celebrated in every way.
  • All Rhythm Ciders will be made from natural whole fruits, never with any added flavoring.
  • Rhythm Ciders will always be a charitable supporter of creative people, the arts, and art education.
Celebrate Creativity

The drive of Rhythm Ciders is to celebrate the creative, talented, skillful, artistic, and inventive people behind the world’s most interesting and exciting things. These “creators” and “makers” are special and we want to showcase them with our ciders.

Our Story

The Rhythm Handcrafted Beverages Brand

Having crafted classic vitis vinifera (European grapes) and fruit wines (blueberry, strawberry, etc.) commercially for 10 years under the Seven Birches Winery brand, winemaker and business owner, Mark LaClair, has begun experimenting with his creativity by fermenting ciders.  In addition to wine, craft ciders are now part of the winery mix, but under a new brand called Rhythm Cider.

Classic grape wines come with expectations.  Cabernet should be bold and full bodied, as Sauvignon Blanc should be bone dry and crisp.  The typicity of varietal wines is important to consumers as they get to know what they like and dislike.  Even though our classic wines will forever be New Hampshire made, they are expected to be classic.  The Seven Birches Winery production team has 1 single mission:  Make Better Wine Today.  That motto is posted on the white board in the winery.  To accomplish this, the winery team will use science to make their traditional wines better, finer.  The Seven Birches Winery brand has evolved to be the home for classic European style, fine grape wines.

Now the production team is tapping into their creative (right) brain and letting loose.  No rules;  no preconceived ideas of what the products should be, what they should taste like, or even look like.  They’ve begun crafting other beverages from fruits, honey, water and sugar.  Starting with the fermentation of apple juice into their first commercial Rhythm Hard Ciders, the craft beverage makers are off on another new course.

The Rhythm Cider brand is all about creativity.  One never knows what unique, handcrafted alcoholic ciders may come out of the winery.  We’ve even named the tasting room the Rhythm Studio, a place where you can smell, taste, and sample these new works in progress.  Some of the new ciders may become commercially viable, like our Rhythm Original Hard Cider or Hard Blood Orange Cider.  Some products may never see retail shelves.  Nevertheless, our visitors to the Studio will participate in deciding what art works and what doesn’t.

Already, these craft ciders are being poured for customers.  And, the craft cider makers (winemakers) are experimenting with more fruits, styles, textures, flavors and concepts that will be tasted and tested at the Studio.  Of course, if you are a classic fine wine lover, then we’ll have you covered with our Seven Birches wine brand, but for those of you looking for something new and different, then look no further than the Rhythm Cider brand.

Be a part of the creative process with us at the Rhythm Ciders Studio on your next visit to the White Mountains.  #findyourrhythm @ rhythmcider.com

COMING SOON:  June 2024 – Rhythm Tap & Grille

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