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The Evolution of Rhythm Cider.

Naturally, everything evolves.  Rhythm Cider was established in 2020 as a response to COVID when the winemakers at Seven Birches Winery channeled the pressures of the pandemic into a new venture, bringing their newest product line, Rhythm Ciders,  to market.  That same year, the Seven Birches Winery function room, known as the Atrium, was quickly converted into the Rhythm Studio, a place where visitors could taste the new ciders, along with some hard seltzers, meads and other unique ferments.

This wildly successful venture has led us to some important conclusions.  Rhythm Ciders deserve to be experienced with food!  As winemakers and cider makers, we believe that our fermented products are part of the culinary experience.  We make our wines and ciders to be enjoyed with a meal, though they are often enjoyed without.  To bring our past success together with our vision for the full culinary experience of the future, we are proud to announce the evolution of the Rhythm brand with the development of the Rhythm Tap & Grille.

The Rhythm Tap & Grille will be an upscale, american-grill-style destination restaurant with a thoughtful menu and full bar, to be built in the expansion of RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain, just steps away from our Seven Birches Winery.  This partnership with RiverWalk brings all of the best opportunities for the Rhythm Cider brand to offer its products the way they are intended, with good company and great food.

The expected opening of Rhythm Tap & Grille is June, 2024.  We will endeavor to keep our Rhythm fans updated on the progress with our expansion as we go.

Let’s give a tip of the hat to Darwin.  Evolution is unstoppable.

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