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As cider makers in the White Mountains, there is no denying our love for all things autumnal. Cooler temperatures mean it’s time for apple harvest season, so it’s an exciting and busy time for Rhythm Studios. Our hard apple cider is fermented naturally using locally sourced apples from Windy Ridge Apple Orchards in North Haverhill and Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls. Both of these New Hampshire orchards are also open to the public for pick-your-own apples. While you’re there, don’t forget to indulge in a fresh cider donut to really get into the spirit. Or better yet, bring some home to pair with our fresh hard ciders. It’s a match made in fall heaven!

Donuts aren’t the only food that goes great with our handcrafted ciders. Hard ciders are specially designed to be enjoyed with a meal. While you can drink Rhythm Ciders with any food, we have a few dish recommendations that pair perfectly with each of our cider flavors. These recipes are great for fall but can be enjoyed year round too.

Original Hard Apple Cider

off-dry, crisp apple acidity

The original hard apple cider is an off-dry hard carbonated drink, allowing you to pair it with a variety of dishes such as sushi, white meat, pasta, and a variety of appetizer dishes. Our favorite food to pair with the original hard apple cider is simply cheese. Sharp cheddar or gouda are always a delicious combination with hard apple cider. For something a little creative, brie with apples or pears, or a cheese board with fresh vegetables from your garden, or even a salad would be tasty.

Local Tip: You can purchase premium cheddar cheese at Harman’s Cheese & Country Store in Sugar Hill!  We sell them in our tasting rooms as well.

Hard Blueberry Apple Cider

cofermented blueberries with table apples, semi-sweet

Perfect for those hot summer days, our blueberry hard apple cider is fermented with apples along with fresh whole blueberries. The blueberry hard apple cider has a crisp acidity but finishes slightly sweet making it a great after dinner cider. There’s no denying that the vibrant color and blueberry taste means it will pair well with blueberry pie and other sweet desserts.

Local Tip: Woodstock Pie and Coffee Company in North Woodstock makes delicious pies so you don’t have to make your own!

Heirloom Hard Apple Cider

heirloom cider apples, bone dry

Our Heirloom Hard Apple Cider is pressed with only the best heirloom apples from Applecrest Farm Orchards. We only make it once a year, so you don’t want to miss this delicious barrel-aged, bone dry, and champagne-like hard cider. Save a bottle to celebrate the New Year! The Heirloom Hard Apple Cider pairs wonderfully with pork dishes, like pulled pork, roasted pork loin, and more.

Local Tip: Shop at the Purple Tomato in Lincoln for locally sourced meats!

Hard Lemon-Lime Apple Cider

pucker-up, baby

Pucker up and enjoy the sweet and sour taste of the Lemon-Lime Hard Apple Cider. This crisp and refreshing hard apple cider co-ferments apples with lemons and limes to produce its great quench-thirsting taste. It’s perfect to enjoy after a long summer day of hiking in the White Mountains. Due to its summery taste, we recommend pairing this hard apple cider with lighter fares, such as a mango salad or fish tacos.

Local Tip: Gordi’s Fish & Steak House in Lincoln has delicious fish tacos!

Hard Blood-Orange Apple Cider

cofermented with blood oranges, semi-sweet

Our Hard Blood Orange Cider is a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. We use apples from Applecrest Farm and co-ferment them with fresh blood oranges to produce a slightly sweet taste. We highly recommend pairing the Blood Orange with spicy foods or Chinese dishes. You also can’t go wrong with coffee cake or chocolate. The pairings are endless!

Local Tip: You can order Chinese takeout from Chieng Garden in Lincoln or Imperial Palace Restaurant in North Woodstock!

Our hard apple ciders are meant to be enjoyed with food. Let us know what your favorite food and hard cider pairings are so we can try them, too!