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“We identified 10 apple varieties that fit into this criteria. These varieties were then referred to as the Crucial 10. Each of these varieties offer a different element to our operation.”

Crucial 10 Craft Ciders is the newest member of the cidery industry here in New Hampshire, and we could not be more supportive of their efforts.  Byron O’donnell and team have been hard at work getting their cidery built, licensed and opened in time for cider season 2022.

Not only is Crucial 10 the newest cidery in NH, they are the closest to us, only 15 minutes from Rhythm Ciders, on Route 3 in Thornton, NH.  They are focused on the 10 apples that are most important in their cider blend.  Those “crucial 10” are what will be the hallmark of their brand.  These guys are talented, dedicated, and welcome to this industry we love.

Please follow their progress on Facebook and make a point of stopping by their tasting room this cider season!