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Hermit Woods Winery

Passionate about making wines and ciders from native fruits and selling them in their tasting room in Meredith, NH.

The gentlemen at Hermit Woods Winery, Ken, Bob & Chuck, have been friends of ours since the very beginning of our commercial winemaking careers.  In fact, we all started about the same time and we have very similar views on wine and cider culture.  What always impresses us most is their skill at making fine wines and ciders from locally-grown fruit.  In fact, they are so good at it, they have departed from the traditional Vitis Vinifera grapes to chase their passion for using only fruit that would grow well here in New England.  And, they are exceptional at it!

Some of our favorite wines they make are their Petite Blue (blueberry wine) and Hermitage (blend).  But, what we are celebrating this cider season is of course, hard apple cider.  And, that is something they do extremely well.  Check out all of the press and media they have on their hard ciders here.

We would highly recommend a visit to their tasting room and eatery in Meredith, NH.  IF you can swing it, book a tour with the winemaker, Ken Hardcastle.  He exudes craftsmanship in the cellar and is a super interesting guy.  Ask for their ciders in cans.  They are a great product to take with you on a hike around the lake or for your next party with friends.  They are only 45 minutes from the Rhythm Studio and a must stop this cider season.