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Sharing the Village Shops with us in the center of Lincoln, NH is the brewery “by the people, for the people.”  One Love Brewery is a 15 barrel Lager House establshed in this town in 2013 and serving their beer and American pub food ever since.  Owners, Michael & Jennifer Snyder, clearly have a passion for the beer industry, but more importantly for providing exceptional experiences for the thousands of visitors they get annually.

Michael is the brewer and is the one you’ll see behind the glass making all the beer in this packed brewery.  We caught him on a day while filtering his “Al’s still here Oktoberfest”, the perfect lager for this time of year, atumn in the White Mountains.  Michael says to us “30 years, I’m still sitting on a keg” referring to how he watches the sight glass for his filtered beer to run through, sitting on a keg.

Jennifer works more in the restaurant side of the business, which is incrediby busy, year-round.  It must be the food!  We can tell you that the Firecracker Wonton Nachos are one of our favorites, and the original Rhythm Cider served on tap at One Love pairs with it perfectly.

If you ask Mark, the best beer on tap is the Dunkel, a Munich semi-dark lager. Light in body yet dark in color the Dunkel has notes of chocolate, coffee and toasted malt.   If you like a darker lager, rich in flavor, this is the one for you… with or without food!

One Love Brewery are great partners of Rhythm Ciders.  Not only do we share a parking lot and lots of customers, we share a passion for local products.  We appreciate beyond words how much support we get from One Love Brewery, and that is not just becuase they serve our cider.  They are great community partners and good friends.

IF you are ever in the White Mountains, you would be remiss if you didn’t make a stop at this great local brewery.  Open for lunch and dinner most days, it will hit the spot for you.  And, you can even wander down and say hello to us as well.