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Just as the name implies, founders, Ian and Marlaina were a little “reckless” with their ambition to create an iconic Brewery, Brew Pub, and home for all of the above in Bethlehem, NH.   They have achieved just that, a place where dreams have come true for them and for the 50+ staff members they’d prefer to call friends.  It was this reckless abandon that allowed them to take the risks, push through the early pressures of entrepreneurship and swing for the fences.

We recently got the opportunity to meet up with Ian and Mar to get an inside look at how they have turned this sleepy little town into a must-stop when visiting the White Mountains.  Before getting in the door, you realize that their “brewery” is more of a campus than anything else.  The brewery is attached to the restaurant, where diners come for lunch and dinner to pair their delicious beer with eclectic culinary treats.  What’s even more cool, is that Rek’· Lis also serves our original Rhythm Cider at all of their bars.  Truth be told, we had to have a little cider with their Smoked Chicken Tacos.  The pairing was brilliant!  The slight sweetness of the cider offset the smoke and heat from the aioli and the apple flavor played perfectly with the spicy chicken in the taco.  Amazing!

In the rear of the property, a newly-renovated “Pint House” is a literal brewery playground with a large bar in the center, plenty of seating around, and even more outside in a yard that any homeowner would envy, complete with fire pits and corn hole.  The Pint House is a perfect location for large private groups, like reunions, wedding parties, and other Rek’· Lis events.  Speaking of events, Ian and Mar host a number of community events throughout the year, like the upcoming North County Pride Ride on September 17, 2023.

There’s no question that the business has been a huge success.  But what matters more to the owners is the sense of community that they embody with action.  They are tremendous stewards of the mountains (outdoor recreation enthusiasts for sure) and supporters of the local people that are the fabric of the north country.  They host fundraisers, donate, and participate in ways that remind you that they are just a couple of locals that understand the importance giving back.  Simply amazing.

We cannot be more proud to have our Rhythm Cider poured at Rek’· Lis Brewing Company.  Our visions for the mountains are certainly aligned, our brand missions are spot-on, and our love for good beer and cider are what drives us.

Thanks to the team at Rek’· Lis for hosting us, for including us, and for keeping us fed and a little bit reckless.

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